Raising a Super-Child


Many parents see their children as amazing. Most have a difficult time describing just how amazing their kids really are to others. For new parents Bret and Erin Malley, pictures are far better than mere words. This ongoing series captures our day to day moments of raising a super-child in terms that others can understand and see for themselves.



In the Beginning:

We first discovered that our child was different at around 7 months. Things began to happen. Un-explainable things. Amazing things. Beautiful things. Like sleep. We finally got to experience it, after 7 months… of not. That was the first time I knew he was truly amazing. That, and he began to fly a little. Just a little.




On The Edge:

His development far outpaced our readiness, for sure. Although he never falls down like others his age, sometimes he does float into walls. Erin at this point scowls at me for letting such flight accidents happen in the first place. For those wondering, the proper response is always “you were right, mommy, daddy’s a dummy… I love you!” The “I love you” is optional depending on the severity of the flight booboo. Always be sure to smile too!





Put Daddy Down, Please

We got to playing and flying some toys around, which is all good and fun until daddy became the latest flying toy…

Put Daddy Down Please



To Be Continued…

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2 thoughts on “Raising a Super-Child

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    Mike Sebastian

    May 29, 2013 at 7:29am

    Haha! This world really needs a few new super children. And as Lomonosov said: “In our opinion, nobody does more for the future of mankind than good parents”

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